Floodgates – Not Today Anymore


Circadian mixed in with a phased synthesizer. It gives way to strong bass. A door opens. I see

strange lights on the other side. I am wary, but am seized by a desire to pass through. As i-

f the thought is not my own. The lust of someone else lived out through me.

A rotating red wheel. Something intestinal. Astral digestion phases and patterning of the wal-

ls. Projected onto the surfaces. A pleasant aroma. Rare, bitter, herbs. It disappears. Darkne-

ss. There are walls beginning to appear.

A conveyor belt. Glass orbs, sparkling with impossible colors, pass by. I look down. My body i-

s one of these orbs. I am seized, once again, by thoughts that are far older than my own. A new

language. Curling out of my mouth are purple clouds wrapping in on themselves and forming tria-

ngles of the most sensual blue.

Silence again. There is a circle of orange ahead of me. Nine figures sit. The same purple color

flows from their blank faces and congregate into a mass. At the center is the most blinding wh-

ite/iridescent light. Beyond imagination. Terror. Death. I am looking at death.

I wake up.

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