2016 Year Enders

FILM LIST FILMS TO LIST: 10 Films of Note from 2016


Braiotta is a name known in many a nook and cranny in these parts. Be it rock n’ roller (currently Planet of Adventure, and formerly Shitaly, The Anchormen), writer/ film critic, or funny/ weird person (Storytime At The Ape’s Nest), Chris Braiotta has been them all. I met the man at a roller derby practice facility. We were being groomed as live commentators, partners in talk, for the league; a situation that never came to fruition. I sometimes wonder…what if? Chris asks you to “sniff my world, and you do it. And he is married to the lovely Emily Arkin. Goddammit man!

FILM LIST FILMS TO LIST: 10 Films of Note from 2016

1. Karate Frankenstein: Gargoyle Puncher
2. Glove Police
3. Pretzelfucks on the Autobahn
4. Ernest Saves Cancer
5. Explosion Part 3
6. Punching Man 5013 AD
7. Terror Cotta: The Nightmare Begins
8. Funt, A Life
9. Fantasy Island (series reboot with Nic Cage and Andy Milonakis)

10. Return of Manchovy

illustration by Tyler Derryberry

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