>FAT HISTORY MONTH mini-interview/ GO TO: 3/12 FAT HISTORY MONTH record release @ the Hen House



Fat History Month. Basement show killers. Guitar & drum duo resurrectionists. One of Boston’s best band’s hands down! They host a 7″ release show @ the Hen House in Allston on saturday 3/12! Will slay. I just saw them play the best set I’ve ever seen them play and I’m putting up a link to a video from that show @ the bottom there. ENJOY. And now a few questions for a killer, high energy band that you need to see…

who are you guys anyway?
couple o regular joes.

what’s been inspiring you guys lately?

winter is killing, good music inspires. good bands that keep on ticking, florida=death, ugh god, worshiper’s badass too. Skimask gets heavier and heavier. Fun shows blocks from our house. Glimmers and memories of springtimes future and past. Good friends. We got a couple kittens too, it’s hard to keep a cold heart cold with a kitten in your shirt.

so you have a new record(7″), how did you go about making this record(7″)?
Some weiner from tuscon said he wanted to put it out a long long time ago and then disappeared, but we’d already recorded some songs with our friends Dan and James at their studio in philly back in august 09. The songs are pretty awesome, so I finally got the balls to throw down and press it, and our friend Joe’s label, Bedroom Suck, helped split the costs. What a man.

are you all playing any special shows or touring for this release?

just the show on march 12th at hen house. should be pretty special. hopefully we’ll get to tour some this spring and summer. we’re booking a trip to chicago with skimask in may.

what is Fat History Month working on next?

We went back down to philly in January and recorded a whole album. It was so fun. I think it’s gonna be really good. We’re going back in a week to mix it. It should be out in a few months, kinda depends on whether anyone wants to help press it.


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