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Fan Report: Boston Underground Summit IV


a perspective from a German fanboy

One year ago I stumbled upon my first basement show in Allston to discover the vibrant and creative community that is a part of the Boston Underground Music Scene. From that first frosty winter night at the Butcher Shoppe onwards I have had the pleasure of reveling in some of the finest artistic output that this community has created. I even had the fortune to live at the Gay Gardens and later in mere walking distance to the WhiteHaus, I can say I fucking love it.

So of course I had to roll my parched & hung-over-self over to the Boston Underground Summit at the Central Square YWCA this past Saturday the 28th of January.

The event was slated to start at 7:30pm, luckily things just started kicking off at 8:15pm, shortly after I crept in. Unlike previous B.O.W. shows, I didn´t just want to sit and listen, but wanted to participate/help out in some way. So I brought my two digital cameras and taped part of the performances. I was not to be disappointed.
The night was opened with The Needy Visions headed by B.O.W.´s Dan Shea and Boston Counter Cultural Compass´ Samuel Potrykus.

From the then it went into a whirlwind or better a round robin of sounds. Each band came from a different musical genre and most enticing for me I was only familiar with The Needy Visions and Guerilla Toss.

Guerilla Toss was probably the most avant-garde band of the evening, featuring their psychedelic post punk cacophony with existential on-stage antics…. Makes me moist! Check out their last song here. Edited for content at the end.

MMoss was as soft and cushiony as the spongy plant their name alludes to. Their surreal and drawn out riffs, synthesizer sounds and flute lulled me into a state of pubescent bliss… ohh the memories of mammaries.

Night Fruit was another band I had never heard before but I was instantly enthralled by their charming pop mets headrush melodies. I hope to see them again soon!

Magic Magic what delight in my ear canal, these young lads play some of the finest ethereal rock sounds around. Their 6 men band was en enchantment to the audience

Broken River Prophet sounded like a swamp man coming out of the eternal abyss of ‘vengeless emotions and heartache. His superb guitar skills mesmerized my noob guitar skilled brain…

Robot Death Kite got my rocks off; these wise ass punkers from New York were ferocious. The on-stage persona of the frontman transformed from a hard-ass NY wiseass to a slutty trans-temptress, it made my night. Catch some sweet but ephemeral moshing action in the video below.

Last but not least I want to talk about Skinny Vinny, this experimental duo fascinated me by bringing sounds to life through uncommon instruments. Very ingenious and good vvvvvvvvvibes.

All in all it was a grand evening for local music and my deepest thanks and respect go out to Sam and Dan for making it all happen. Keep it rocking and check out more local music daily!

For all videos check out my youtube channel

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