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Redefining Beach Rock


The first time I saw Fall Seattle was in the confines of a small Annapolis bar, and I knew the music was too big and special for such a small space. The PA system wasn’t doing the singers any favors; it was impossible to hear the vocals. Luckily I was front row, and I got to fall in love with each song one by one, despite the bar’s technical screw-ups.

Fall Seattle has the ethereal sounds of beach rock, but at times is touched with more intensity. This passion sets Fall Seattle apart from your stereotypical stoner beach band. The catchy bass lines in “Carol” and the daydreaming, lazy vibes of “Boyhood” are reminiscent of a beach house. This is true of the mild, almost hypnotizing drone of lead singer Orsy Campos’s voice in “Wanda Johnson”, but the reverb in “Blau” and the punk, almost grunge style of “Demon Son” keep the album dynamic. There are moments when Campos is even moved to screaming lyricism.

This northern Virginia-based band is set to release their self-titled album on January 30th, and the tease of having seen it live makes it all the more difficult to wait. Faux Discx is a UK label, but picked up the band for this coming winter release. It is apparent to me that this group has brought fresh air to the relatively dry music scene in Annapolis, and perhaps to the beach rock scene in general. There is more darkness, more emotion behind the seemingly chill grooves. Mark your calendars for this release. If the momentum continues, they could be playing a show in Boston soon enough.

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