Free form guitar and drums train wreck / (mass) slaughter / destruction, blasted free from NYC and Vermont, or something close to that. The first recording I’ve heard by these persons united to form FADENSONNEN (PD & RD) is their most recent, and it is called BADLANDS*. PD on “Echo Disaster Lead Guitars” among other things, and RD on “Feral Wah” and yes, other things. And what they craft is desolation, end of the world scenarios, and impossible dankness. This is filthy and fried music for people who need such in their life (this includes me).
FUSHITSUSHA-like sound wreckage is what you should be thinking about. Grisly psych. Washes of uncontrolled liquid sonics. BADLANDS is 3 tracks, in total clocking in @ 30+ minutes. The closer on this monster pile of boiling screech, “Take No Prisoners”, is half of the album all by itself (@ 15+ minutes). A continuously texturally shifting fireball of undulating noise-psych, this track manages to make raw as fuck guitar noise that by the 11 minute mark could be mistaken for deeply heady and texturally alive electronic noise ebullience. Just absolutely, freakishly ripping. When guitars and drums stir it up like this it is a victory for us all. Recorded in Brooklyn, and Burlington, VT. Without fail loud and / or gnarly, asked them to play the NEU MF 14′ in September, but it didn’t work out. Stick THIS in your ear / pipe.

* According to their website the band has a plethora of recordings stretching back to 2007.

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