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Exhaustion/ Wanders – II


Centrally fried, out on the perimeter.

A desolate landscape unfurls. Dust and acid mist commingling. The blood of the environment’s wounds coagulating. Finally. A four headed Australian thing.  An improvisational thug. Four of them. I just turned away from a MOONDOG record because I wanted to listen to this instead.

KRIS WANDERS, Brotzmann co-conspirator, on tenor sax squeezes the bejeezus out his reeded horn. Smattering 50 years of free jazz onto the smiling (diabolicaly) pretty faces of EXHAUSTION, a primal trio several records deep; II, the one in question, being the foursome’s second recorded go around together.

Free jazz disastrously crashing into desert rock psychosis. Really all you can do is pick up the doomed, scarred, and of course, twisted pieces and try to move on. Over the course of two tracks, two sides, and nearly 45 minutes EXHAUSTION/ WANDERS will argue that that is not possible. Out on FEEDING TUBE RECORDS (what, we have the best record label in the world here in Massachusetts?! the fuck!?).

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