Everything is Terrible! Legends

Oct 31 @ Brattle


From how we receive our news to how we communicate with one another, the Internet has changed a whole lot of things. Why should the way we view horrible, horrible VHS specials and ancient public access programming be any different?

Formerly exiled to places like the bottom shelf of gas station movie racks or the twilight hours of astronomically numbered cable networks, these oddities have brought perverse pleasure (the best kind!) to the foolish for years. Now, with the netscape as their canvas, these bizarre people are able to broadcast the latest sludge the dredged up from the thrift store bargain bin to the entire world.

Such is the premise of Everything is Terrible!, a website dedicated to curating (as well as chopping and altering) the strangest stuff ever recorded. Now in its seventh year, the brave folks over at EIT! have released a “best” of type-deal they’re calling “Legends.”

Catch it at the Brattle.

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