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Errorsmith – Superlative Fatigue


Taking the name of Saint Steven Tyler in vain. We need more of this! SUPERLATIVE FATIGUE is Erik Wiegand’s first full length album in 13 years as ERRORSMITH. The Berlin based electronic experimentalist has been active under different names and recording at shorter lengths in the interim, returning here with an awesome 8 deep batch of rhythmically diverse electronic nuggets.

This is a special vocoder album, you should know. It’s all over the place on SUPERLATIVE FATIGUE and it’s part of what gives the record its elastic, limitless feel. I’m reminded of the game KLAX while listening. Strange, beguiling, and boundary-less beats roll right on over you. “Who-is” is some of that alien drug club music, the music they play at those alien drug clubs (feel me?). On this one big time, but all over the rest of the record too, extraterrestrials are waving glow sticks and playing video games.

PAN put this out and that is just the stamp of quality right there. “My Party” is ma fucked jam of the year so far for 2018. Wiegand is just ripping it up, scat singing or something filtered through the motherboard. The clappers are clapping and the thing is simple, and epic, and a shining bright light of fire of a jam. Need to watch some people dance to this soon. My 4 year old son Zach DID NOT like this song, and he told me so. But he liked the rest of the record.

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