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After several years of tapes and splits, Doug Long’s Erectile Dementia finally drops an LP. Rock N’ Roll Abortion, co-released by Long’s Backwoods Butcher Records, Rescued From Life Records, Grindfather Productions, and Headsplit Records, contains 39 tracks that push Erectile Dementia farther and wider than ever before. While much of the earlier material presented a trashy grind-forward noisecore, the album finds the project retaining a grindcore base while pushing itself into heavy metal and the redneck hard rock of Brody’s Militia. Antiseen is invoked throughout, most notably on the track “Why Don’t You Go Die.” The track “Adorable Corpse” even contains flashes of the space-grind of the great Psudoku. This expansion of Erectile Dementia is perfectly summed up in the album’s title, giving name to its tension between grind and rock elements and creating something abrasive and unpredictable. Erectile Dementia leaves the realm of noisecore to create a cohesive summation of the Backwoods Butcher catalog. Now if only we could get a Funerary Box LP…

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