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Era Del Vacio is a new band from Mexico featuring Dave Rata of Tercer Mundo, Muerte, and Ratas Del Vaticano. While similar to Muerte in its gothic, dark punk sound, Era Del Vacio is both more melodic and closer to post-punk. Think along the lines of a more lo-fi and reverb heavy Neon Piss. The music is bleak yet at the same time captures a lot of the aggression of their peers. The vocals manage to still be raw and vicious, while still playing into the gothic atmosphere. “No Hay Nada Para Mi,” one of the album’s strongest tracks, slows the tempo way down and creates a desolate post-punk dirge. Punk to sit alone in your room to. On the other hand, “El Vacio Y La Soledad” is more of a straightforward midtempo dark punk banger. Their LP will be out soon on Cintas Pepe Records, so this record may be nearly as hard to track down as the Tercer Mundo LP. Let us just hope that the Cintas Pepe crew continues to put out music of this caliber.

[NOTE: no album artwork available yet]

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