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Ed Balloon – Yellow 20-Somethings


Yellow 20-Somethings is the sweet and weird album that has struck me this week. I can’t say exactly what’s going on… It’s something about the combination of syrupy melodies, glossy production value and everything coated in this clubby dance sound that’s been making me move a lot. It’s sort of idyllic, sort of mundane music. If I could offer a way of entering this material, think of what would happen if Iggy Pop’s anthems were intercepted by Erykah Badu. “cool” is a good example of that.

Ed Balloon has an interesting way of interpreting the vocal part too. His voice is extremely rich and kept very forward and bare – little to no reverb and loud volume. Traveling through Ed’s vocal range, all of these different qualities come out. The lower he goes, the hollower. Higher up and it gets tighter and brassier. This vocal flexibility makes a sustained listen across the entire record interesting – one hangs onto every word, every changing pit and gravel in his throat.

He also has this oddly mundane, conversational lyric style. His language is flat – it is general enough to compare to your own life. Love, relationships, money, his blackness…all of these things are part of the world of “Yellow 20-Somethings”. “rant” is a really strong and tender song that has stuck with me. Ed begs “please excuse me I’m just ranting. please excuse me I’m just ranting. can i rant to you?” Although he plays on the obvious, I think his perspective is really unique. I think he’s doing cool shit. I love it all and I think you should listen to the whole thing.


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