Grindcore from Massachusetts. These are most of the undeniable facts about Worcester/ Cape Cod’s EATEN. Add to that list the fact that the band released one of the heaviest, gnarliest records that I heard all year. That album is the above mentioned DEPRAVED. And, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but, more or less, you can get a grip on the basics that are coming at you when a band called fucking EATEN releases an album called DEPRAVED. 12 tracks on this tape. They blast back and forth between towering sludge coated riffage and a lightning fast grind assault. Guttural vocals and insane drumming round out the whole package. These guys can play and their un-ornamented music is as ugly as any of us ugly persons could ever hope for; and idiosyncratic enough to cause this picky, amateur metalhead to stand up and pay attention.

The longest of these 12 sonic barrages is 1:42, the shortest is :09 (that’s “Wolf Bite”, and well, fuck). “Chaos Coffin” is where I am at. This ones got an undeniable chugging metal groove that has to fight its way into existence, and then breaks to pieces before the track’s time is finally up. I am damaged post-listening (I stand, damaged, pre-listening too, but I am without question, more damaged, after listening to this monster band’s transmissions).

This tape came out in this year’s first quadrant, and I had it sitting in my bag for months before I managed to listen (thank you to whichever member of the band gave me the tape). Then I finally pulled it out and this shit almost broke my walkman. I listened to this tape A LOT. But I never wrote about it. Well, now I finally have, and all is good in December. Get that dose of evil that you need in your life  from these guys. Peddlers of seriously heavy from right here in MA.

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