Neverended is the latest album of lush folksy ambiance by DUSTED LUX, the solo project of Hartford, Connecticut’s Lee Camfield. Following 2012’s Canopy, Neverended shows the artist continuing to refine and develop his aesthetic, which is now pretty singular. Sparse acoustic wanderings are off-set by waves of static and other more erratic background noises, like the sound of Camfield’s fingers on the guitar strings. Meanwhile, more traditional guitar melodies are enveloped in far out, organic soundscapes. The dominant emotions on this album, namely peace and contentment, flit about with an easy grace like different colored dyes seeping through cotton, blending together and taking on new colors. What moments of tension exist tend to resolve into gentler tones.

One of the most surreal things about this album is the juxtaposition, carried out with a delicate touch, between analog sounds and recurrent celestial, electronic drones. The occasional visitation of Camfield’s voice, piano, or rhythm section, even an organ towards the end of the album’s longest track “What is True,” give the album a free, ever-changing sort of fluidity. And speaking of vocals, while they come out more boldly on the short titular track, they mostly take the form of a soft falsetto lurking about behind the instrumentation, lending a sense of finality to the album. Overall, it’s an extremely gorgeous listen sure to please admirers of ambient music and drone. It’s available to listen in full on the Dusted Lux Bandcamp, but it’s better for everybody to snag a CD, limited to 300 copies, over at Australia’s Preservation Records.

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