Has anybody here written anything about house music yet? No? Ok. Here we go.

I stumbled across Ryan Durkin’s latest EP WorkWorkWork the other day and thought y’all might wanna check it. DURKIN has been a DJ/producer for plenty-o-Boston-partynights over the years at hoppin’ joints like ZuZu’s, Middlesex, Good Life and Rise. He’s also smithed beats for local hip-hop artists like Black EL. Here he gives us three dance-worthy uptempo club grooves that channel some of that early electronic-era spirit.

First track Work bends and blends washy synth with bicycle wheel clicks under a hilarious hip-hop vocal drum that ABSOLUTELY conjures an image of your boss as a monomaniacal bulldog barking for you to..yes, you guessed it – WORK! Track two flows right out, keeping the bicycle wheel, synth and drum, while adding house-friendly piano drops and a tremulous imperative to ‘feel It’ (hence the track name). This positive jam has that same unbridled happy vibe Prodigy’s first album rocked back in the rave-crazy days of yore. Lastly we get When Will U, a fairly standard autotune vehicle that shifts gears into a breakbeat while maintaining the house feel with piano, offbeat synth and mute-fades. All in all, these are no-nonsense dance tracks perfect for late night fun, whether in flashy club with friends or in your bedroom wearing only undies.

If you prefer the former setting, you can catch some of this left-field positive energy at one of Durkin’s Dream Club nights.

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