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Ducktails — “Surreal Exposure”


The first comment on the YouTube stream for the Ducktails’ track, “Surreal Exposure” states: “Mac DeMarco is like musical clickbait… If he’s in it, you’ll watch it.” This is unsubstantiated but probably true, seeing as how Mac Demarco has become something of a jangle-pop icon. His allure is made possible by a combination his 100%-no-fucks-given persona (one of his most noteable songs, “Ode to Viceroy”, pays homage to his favorite brand of cheap cigarettes), but serious musical chops (listen to the ending guitar cascade from “Ode to Viceroy”).

Ducktails, a lo-fi jangle pop group fronted by Real Estate guitarist Matt Mondanile, has an ethereal, gauzy, falling-in-love pop track with “Surreal Exposure,” which is why the the video for this song is so funny: Mondanile, playing an ultimate Mac Demarco fanboy, finds Mac’s house, knocks on the door, and asks to come in. The result is a day of fun debauchery at Mac Demarco’s house until Mac asks that Matt leave so he can take a shower. Make sure you watch until the end of the video, though.

“Surreal Exposure” is an especially well-timed video, seeing as Mac Demarco recently included his full home address in Far Rockway— the house where this video is filmed — on the last track of his upcoming album, which has resulted in a few dozen fans popping by just like Matt Mondanile does in this video. If only those fans all fronted cool indie-pop bands…

“Surreal Exposure” is off Ducktails’ latest full-length St. Catherine, recently released by Domino Records.

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