Drunk Cop — Teen Detox


Somerville’s own Drunk Cop couldn’t have picked a better name for their band and their debut album. Most of their songs are as violent and short as car chases (with majority clocking in at 1:20) and the final result is akin to that of a 40-car fiery pile-up on a busy highway.

While much of the record is a haze of indecipherable, floating vocals, revved-up guitars and squealing feedback, there’s still bits of melody peeking through here and there. The intro riff of “Lonely Guy” seems to borrow something from ’60s psych and “F for Favy” slows things down to a crawl.

DC themselves label their music as “shitgaze,” but to this reviewer’s ears this is noise-pop where its noise takes over the pop, though if they’ll stick around the balance just might change. For now “Teen Detox” is heartily recommended to any fans of the likes of Husker Du, No Age, and Jesus & Mary Chain.

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