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ANTIPOP is a 30+ minute kaleidoscope of dystopian dance beats and power electronics summoned into this world by Wichita solo outfit DREAMCRUSHER. The music’s individual pieces are often severe and jarring, but the way it metamorphosizes between forms between each of its five tracks gives it life. Right out the gate, Dreamcrusher is rocking a relentless pace torn between extremes of hard rhythms and outbursts of noise, all enshrined in brooding rage. The third and middle track “Hypercube” is a dynamic and energized assault of noise, an undulating cacophony of earsplitting modulation in beautiful contrast with the rest of the album’s beat-driven focus. The fourth track, “We are Nothing,” relaxes the BPM of the first two and dials the instrumental effects down to a more ambient level, so its way mellower, even in its moments of liberation from form and structure. Final track “Reykjavik” picks up the pace with a snarky industrial groove that ultimately swallows itself, ducking underneath a slow beat that takes over the track’s foreground.

Physical copies of Antipop (Dionysian Tapes) and the recent, awesome album Suicide Deluxe (which we previously covered) are scarce, but you can still download digital copies of both. While you’re at it, you can read this juicy interview with Dreamcrusher that discusses things like art, music and gender identity. Consider throwing down for Dreamcrusher’s tour fund too.

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