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Dreamcrusher — “Adore”


Defining music as “noise” is as absurd as describing a square as a “shape”. Of course it’s a shape — it’s a square! Of course it’s noise — it’s music…right?

Perhaps that’s why noise seems to be the catch-all classification for any music that doesn’t quite neatly fit into any other genre, or in some cases, combines elements of noise, like static and bleeps and bloops, with pieces of more universally digestible genres — like pop.

Dreamcrusher‘s “Adore” fits the latter description to a T. It’s a moody pop song, or maybe even one of those inexplicably creepy jingles you’d hear at a midsummer carnival, in shadows behind a thick curtain. It’s one part drone and one part morose electronic pop tied together and wrapped generously in static. What the hell are the lyrics he’s trying to sing? What instruments are those, exactly? Who knows? And that’s the point, really. We can only comprehend everything in shadows, because life is not a perfect, crisp pop song.

“Adore”, streaming below, comes from Dreamcrusher’s forthcoming (out at the end of this week) Hackers All Of Them Hackers LP via Fire Talk Records. Boston friends — Dreamcrusher will also be playing at Hasslefest 7, in just a couple of weeks, at Brighton Music Hall.

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