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Dream Police is a NYC duo comprised of Mark Perro and Nick Chiericozzi from The Men. The band released two cassettes back in 2011 – a self-released two track c25 followed by a tape of two live performances – but have not released anything else until Hypnotized, their debut LP on Sacred Bones Records, the label responsible for nearly all of The Men’s output since 2011. While Sacred Bones is known more for their post-punk releases, Dream Police’s album is synth and drum machine krautrock that is poppy as hell. “Pouring Rain,” one of the highlights of the albums eight tracks, sound like a spacier – and kraut-ier – cut from a Handsome Furs record. Hypnotized covers a lot of ideas in the rock spectrum, but overall tends toward the dance-y with the guitar favoring a twanged out classic rock vibe. A strong debut overall, and hopefully a sign that Dream Police will become more active. The band is currently on tour, so keep an eye posted for them.

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