What happened to our enemies? Where did they go? Actually they’re still right where they ever were, right in front of us. Somehow, we’ve let the cool shades of complacency slide down again. But good news! Victoria and pals are here to playfully slap those cool shades right off our faces. Have a look at DOWNTOWN BOYS’ video for SLUMLORD SAL to see the awesome power of a justified-rage slap. It’s such an old and beautiful trick. Make it cool to see the unfairness in our world and maybe you’ll want to do something about it. For certain you can work up plenty of justified anger at a DB show, which is fun, and probably a good check for your reality.

For a taste of the DB sound check their latest, a self titled 7” release, featuring re-amped crowd favorite ‘Slumlord Sal’ plus three new tracks: ‘Callate’, ‘Corra’ and ‘Work’. ‘Callate’ (txl: Shut Up!) opens at full speed and immediately you will feel the activist street band vibe in the horn section breaks between old-school punk refrains en Espanol. UK and Mexicano punk have a baby named ‘Slumlord Sal’ on track 2. The voice/saxophone interplay here sounds like nothing so much as this century’s X-RAY SPEX. Clocking in just under a minute, track 3 ‘Corra’ (txl: Run) nevertheless communicates it’s point clearly “Cheese it the cops!” Last track ‘Work’ sets the plight of the service industry’s downtrodden to angry musical diatribe. This last is a favorite theme of the band, in their stage styling as well as in their songs as they herald the cause against immigrant usury wearing worker uniforms alongside banditas kerchiefs. Justified rage? Hell yes! Just leave those shades on the floor where they belong.

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