DOWNLOAD: COMPOUND 440R’s 2011 local music collection


COMPOUND 440R is a music collective based out of Somerville, MA. Some of the incredible bands associated with the collective over the years include: Big Digits, UV Protection, Plunge Into Death, Squids, Cassette, magic People, Shitaly, and Death Shepherd. Every year for the past many years they have compiled and released a stellar compilation of local musicmakers in conjunction with the Boston Independent Film Festival. Hee is this year’s offering, a full 26 track onslaught of local awesomness. Download and check out this thing, it’s full of special goodness!!!!

Disc 1—440R Family:

1. André Obin- The Arsonist

2. Gio – Vamos a la Model

3. Big Digits -Lavalanche (Mount Mole Remix)

4. The Secret Sea – Your Type

5. Endless Wave – Ocean Drive

6. Ure Funeral – White Bicycle

7. Magic People – The Stripper

8. Canaries in a Gold Mine – A Lament for Mankind

9. Shitaly – Sinister Verse

10. Sister Spaceman – Here Right Now

11. Sam Wheeler – Habeas Corpus

12. Peyote Feminist – A Functional Member of Society

13. Death Shepherd – Natural Twenty

14. Mac Machine – Mama Mamba

Disc 2—Friends of 440R:

1. Spirit Kid – Honestly

2. Thick Shakes – Go Back to New York

3. Initials BR – The Confidence Man

4. Freezepop – The World is in Love

5. CoralCola – Moistests Weathers

6. The Planets Won’t Let You Sleep Tonight – Destroy Beautiful Things (Silver Strain vs. Symbion Project remix)

7. Marconi – Narrowgauge

8. Wasted Talent – Paid Vacation

9. Needy Visions – AXOLOTL

10. Neptune – Fig V

11. Animal Hospital – Bad Weather

12. Russo Passapusso & Fael Primeiro (prod. by Kiddid) – Bagdá

DOWNLOAD: 440R Comp 2011 DISC 1 / DISC 2

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