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Yeah, was hanging out with some deep techno head friends of mine and this shit got put on the turntable. I wasn’t familiar with DJ RICHARD until then, but I am now, and I am pretty psyched on that fact. One of the guys that runs the Brooklyn label WHITE MATERIAL (alongside YOUNG MALE), DJ RICHARD is a former Providence guy, another noise artist (now in Berlin), who done got bit by that electronic dance music bug that has, at this point chronically, infected the underground noise community (and which has also lead to quite a bit of exciting music). RICHARD is making some of that music.

He’s only released two 12’s so far (LEECH2 was his first) but both are full of weird, intoxicating, beat oriented music. His sound is a deep blend of the aesthetics of noise, house, and techno, and done up in a more intriguing style most I’ve heard. Earlier this year the man’s second 12″ NAILED TO THE FLOOR emerged. WHITE MATERIAL released the 4 track record which doles out doses of tweaked house beats, deep and evil late night chords, the rhythmically functional sound of breaking glass, and enough noise doused tangents from the beat to keep each and every weirdo plenty happy.

“Freydis” is my favorite of the lot. Beginning out of control, as if passing through some malfunctioning factory where they make only Marble Madness cartridges, the beat arrives quickly. Heavily syncopated, and leaning heavily on electronic toms it lays a foundation for the dank after midnight synth chords that join the fray soon after. From there I’m along for the ride through a landscape of house-y piano vibes, skittering industrial clatter, and synthetic strings. Hitting all the right notes. Feeling this so hard.

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