Somewhere, beyond the western reaches of commuter rail, sits a haus of unquestionable importance that marks perhaps the most distal grasp of Boston’s underground scene. This is the Distant Castle of Worcester, and in celebration of the artists they’ve hosted and will continue to into the new year, they’ve dropped a comp of fresh tracks–mostly from Worcester artists– to ring in 2015.

Living After Midnight 2015 includes bands you’ve likely heard of, like Worcester’s own Secret Lover performing the brutally honest “Sometimes Wine Becomes My Lover” along with ones you haven’t, like Granny Frost (also from Worcester) doing their weird-fi pop tune “Golden Opportunities”. Of course, it wouldn’t be a New England comp without a dose of some doom, provided by (but not limited to) tracks from Eaten, OJ, Tremarche, The Terribles, SET, and Talchemist; and some unexpected pecularity, provided by A. Reid in “Harriet Hemenway’s Bird Report,” which is, remarkably, exactly what it says it is.

Rounding out this comp is a fitting tribute to none other than Polar Seltzer (“I Love The Way U Sparkle”), perhaps Worcester’s most recognized export. It’s a multi-layered, multi-part, and most importantly, weird, treat that’s representative of this collection of tracks as a whole. The lesson? Those of us who live in Boston might be too quick to characterize Worcester as a cultural dead zone. Cheap rent and post-industrial grit does wonders for keeping the DIY ethic alive.Living After Midnight makes a strong case for us Bostonians to embark on a leftmost train this year and visit our musical brethren in a land far, far away only in Massachusetts terms. Though, the bus is probably cheaper.

Keep an eye out for a cassette edition in February. Meanwhile, download it for free on Bandcamp.

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