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A grinding, gutteral sound has emerged from Boston’s underground in the form of a heart attack=inducing new track from grungy sludge punks Dinoczar. “Burnt Out” is just a sample, a sneak peak of an eight track LP titled Sick Wind due out in early 2016. If you aren’t familiar with the metallic basement trio, now is a great time to get acquainted. With two EPs out already, the band has managed to take the “garage” aesthetic that has been so prevalent in Boston during the ’10s and warp it to fit their heavier than heavy song composition.

Late 60’s proto-metal is one comparison, but the band also incorporates 70’s power pop that when combined with the rain drenched alt-rock of late 80’s Seattle creates a sound that spans decades and generations. What you’re left with are songs that incorporate sporadic tempo changes and grimy riffs that recall the cacophonous rage of a thunderstorm. “Burnt Out” continues in this vein, but sees the band more self-assured.

Even after the first listen, it’s clear these dudes were shooting for classic ’70s rock tones (drummer Aaron Swartz admitted to wanting a Thin Lizzy style riff) and the trio delivers just that while simultaneously shedding nostalgia and embracing the sound of this city’s current fuzzy musical landscape. Tight chord progressions develop over the scratchy, hollow vox of lead singer/guitarist Paul Dunne. Coupled with distorted, squealing solos (of which there is an ample amount) the words seem distant, even echoed; calling you forward and enticing you to the end where you’re swallowed whole by Swartz’s tumultuous output on the drums. Jake Cardinal’s smooth and groovy bass rounds out the band’s sound and lends itself to the ’90s-influenced grunge punch that is ever present.

With a recent slot on Ben Semeta’s House of the Rising Fuzz comp and live shows that see the band fulling embracing the all-encompassing power of their songs, the group is poised for the release of their first full length. Check them out November 5th at the Middle East with The Dazies, Neutrinos, and Sponge where the band will have limited edition cassingles of “Burnt Out” with fellow Sick Wind track “I Lost My Head” on the b-side. In the meantime, give “Burnt Out” a listen below.

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