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Dev Blair – Mixter Krab$

The most fun you'll have inadvertently glorifying capitalism


Cover of Femmetasy by Dev Blair. A cartoon caricature of the artist in braids wearing a black halter top and skirt over a gradient pink background with a bubble motif.

This time of year, it’s easy to get distracted by finals, the T randomly breaking down, and the perpetual musical gift that is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. If you want to listen to a new release by a Boston-based artist that is just pure, straight-up fun, let me recommend “Mixter Krab$” from Femmetasy, the debut release from performer, poet, and playwright Dev Blair.

“Mixter Krab$” is based around a few samples of the eponymous cheapskate from Spongebob Squarepants, all complementing a bouncy trap beat. On the hook, Dev Blair tongue-in-cheekily extolls the prosperity gospel: “What’s the sum? I got bills to pay, don’t do this shit for fun / If I made $100K today I’d spend it all on rum”. Throughout the track, however, Dev Blair reveals layers to their experience as a Black, openly trans rapper navigating the scene. After an epic beat switch up for the second verse, Dev Blair gives us some clues to what they see: “No seat at the table but invited to the dinner / If I’m the only black face at the party, who the sinner?”


This track is lo-fi without sacrificing artistic merit and proof of concept. Produced by Elda and RabbitPeters, the beat is squarely within the canon of Brockhampton (or Barf Troop), while the samples (and Dev Blair’s theatrical interludes) give it some well-curated whimsy.  If you need a song to accompany your post-finals or pre-going-home-for-the-holidays pregame, this is one track for the turn-up playlist. And if you like it, I recommend giving the whole of Femmetasy a listen. (“Hex Ur Ex” is a close second favorite on the release.)


Catch Dev Blair live on Sunday, Dec 8 at Singer-Songwriter Night XXVII at ZuZu in Cambridge. In the meantime, stream Femmetasy on all major platforms, and follow Dev Blair on Instagram @dev_blair and Twitter @dev_blair.


HASSAN GHANNY is a writer, performer, and music journalist based in Jamaica Plain. He can be followed on Instagram @diaspora.gothic and Twitter @hassan_ghanny.

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