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Eyeballs, the debut LP from Boston’s own Dent, is largely about vocals—that’s not to say that anyone aside from Lane Shi, the main mic destroyer, is bad, but her singing alone is such a strong draw that I would’ve listened even if she did an a cappella record.

Lane sounds like a strange hybrid of Karen O and Yasuko from Melt-Banana. If I could throw in an even more obscure reference, it would be Katie Jean Garside, the notoriously unstable vocalist of UK band Daisy Chainsaw (the frenetic energy of “Anything Jingles,” the album opener, seems to match that of Daisy Chainsaw’s own “Love Your Money”).

Much like with everyone listed above, her vocals are an acquired taste and take some time to get used to—she veers from sounding naive and childish to screaming her head off (often in the matter of the same song). Then there are moments where she simply sends chills down my spine—witness the strangled scream at the end of “So Red.”

Same can be said about Eyeballs overall—aural fast food this isn’t, and with all the low/quiet shifts and endless details it simply begs for repeated listening. In the words of Keith Flint and Liam Howlett, this baby definitely got a temper.

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