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DEMDIKE STARE – “Past Majesty”


DEMDIKE STARE just released TESTPRESSING#006. I plan to get to that shortly (unless one of my fellow Hasslers beats me to the punch). In checking out that brand new record, I for the first time came across the above video accompaniment for “Past Majesty” off of DEMDIKE STARE’s last release TESTPRESSING#005, which came out pretty recently itself (read Matty McBride’s take on that record here). These TESTPRESSING#… releases really showcase a rawer, and looser side of this duo (Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker). TESTPRESSING#005 released by MODERN LOVE might just take the cake though. Right up in my wheelhouse with some seriously ugly rhythmic noise spilling everywhere. “Past Majesty” is one of the two tracks tied to this release and it is scalding, a balding man with an angry face who has decided that he is just not going to take it anymore!!!! Just one of those tracks that, if it doesn’t rile you up, then you might want to/ need to go see a doctor because maybe you died. The drop @ just before 3:00 where the tough guy synth emerges from the doorway, sleeves rolled up, sweat glistening on his brow; that’s some serious business right there. Bass sounds are unholy. Video by (or as he is credited: Images reimagined by) Andy Rushton. Go check out TESTPRESSING#006 for yourself, and keep em peeled for more DEMDIKE STARE here. Soon.

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