Deep Blue Sea (1999) dir. Renny Harlin



Even if it may seem like your run-of-the-mill B-grade shark movie, Deep Blue Sea stands a cut above the rest. It’s no Jaws, but, when released, critics agreed that this film is well-done action, personified.

In order to help reactivate dormant human brain cells (such as those found in Alzheimer’s patients) a team of scientists research mako sharks in an underground research facility. After a shark escapes and tries to attack a boat, executive Russell Franklin (Samuel L. Jackson) is sent to investigate. Two of the doctors (Saffron Burrows and Stellan Skarsgard) prove their research works by testing a particular protein complex taken from a shark’s brain. However, the shark awakens and attacks. Suddenly, it’s the scientists against the sharks, who are more deadly than usual due to genetic engineering.

Russell, along with four others who work at the facility, watch as the sharks flood the building by slamming a stretcher into a window. Along with the facility’s cook, the six humans search for ways to escape both the sharks and the quickly flooding building.

Check it out for yourself, just after midnight.

Deep Blue Sea
dir. Renny Harlin
105 min.

Part of the ongoing series: Coolidge After Midnite
Screens Saturday, 8/31, 11:59 p.m. @ Coolidge Corner Theatre

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