Dearest Hearts – Dear William

A nice ditty.


This is a weird song. I hear a lot of voices projected to fit in with

songs and it is a weird phenomenon. Voices really matter. If they are

off in some way it all falls apart. I don’t like to review voices th-

at fall apart. I have my own problems.

Humor is an important too. It can be bad news, though. Very limiting.

Laughter after. Cleaning up drooping balloons and confetti after the

party. That sad hollow feeling. I wouldn’t really know.

Music is fun to listen to, but it’s hard to deny it has an effect on

the spirit. Some times it is a good effect. Some times it isn’t. Hu-

mor is always good, until it isn’t. There is nothing worse than a jo-

ke that’s been told to death and the person telling it.

You never want to be the person telling the dead joke. I don’t really

care. I’m more into ideas than punchlines but I’m an asshole. You kn-

ow, there is an episode of the Addams Family a halloween episode whe-

re a pair of robbers seek shelter in the family mansion. One of the r-

obbers is Don Rickles.

I had to really work hard to remember the name. Zing. It’s true though.

I stopped listening to the music and – ZAP! – there it was. Don Rickle-

s. He was one of the robbers and gave his distinct glances in response

to the Addams Family weirdness. I liked it.

I like this song. I spent about 5 minutes trying to remember Don Rick-

les name. Not very long, but you would never know that as a reader. I

don’t like the wedding ring part of this song. It makes me uncomforta-


Trauma associated with my excommunication, I suppose. This song is sil-

ly and/but the chorus is well executed.

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