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Another Australian band making absolutely killer gazey tunes. This time around it’s Yang Haisong (P.K.14 frontman) and his wife Sun Xia, recording every track in their home-studio. This couple has gained a reputation in China, as well as a spot on the illustrious tenzenmen distro. These tracks are about as basic as it gets – the sound is thin and slightly brittle, and everything’s sort of washed out – but that’s exactly the way these jams should be. The vocals are smooth, almost ethereal; the bass is solid, round; the drumbeats echo and make that spacey atmosphere that lets the guitar roll out those catchy single-note riffs. As the album moves along, songs get crunchier and start to stretch along the seams, as piercing feedback starts to pour out from the layers of tracking. Really, this album is a ripper, but it’s also pretty damn beautiful. Grab a copy here , check out the tenzenmen blog, and enjoy this treasure of an album.

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