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The Dead C are New Zealand’s long running experimental/noise rock trio. The band’s 14th and newest LP, Armed Courage, out on Ba Da Bing! Records and continues their legacy of excellence. The album is most reminiscent of the band’s 1992 magnum opus Harsh 70s Reality, while still being a unique and inventive release. To their credit, it is hard to say any two albums by The Dead C are truly that alike, although they all mine similar sonic territory. The dense, guitar-driven, droning noise rock creates a trance like atmosphere over the 20 minutes that comprise each of the album’s two tracks. It is a sound that is immediately familiar from The Dead C, while managing to be done in a new way, something the band has managed to do regularly over their 28 year career. The album often sounds like The Dead C’s interpretation of Skullflower. Armed Courage is on par with the last few albums the band has released, namely Patience and Secret Earth, although probably not the best of the lot.

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