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DAHGA BLOOM – “Adolf Hipster” & “Rotted Man”


When it comes to left of center, tangent prone psychedelic rock being made in this year of our lord satan 2014, you can look elsewhere, but if you look to Chicago-land area institution CAPTCHA RECORDS you are looking in the right place. The label has it right. They got it. They know what they are doing from one release to the next. And this time next comes in the form of DAHGA BLOOM of Fullerton, CA. The band released a record last year called NO CURTAINS on Denmark’s killer SKROT UP label (they put out that KID ROMANCE record some ways back). That record is dust, and so CAPTCHA is re-integrating the thing (for holding in our hands) on behalf all of us who missed out on the initial scant opportunity. They’re also bringing the band and the record more attention which they and it deserve. A variety of blasted and burnt turns along the psychedelic rock freeway. Raw as your psych gets. Desert felt, echo drenched song venom for melting your mind to, if that is what you desire. “Adolf Hipster” & “Rotted Man” are two of the tracks found on the record. The former burns harder, a jagged psychedelic free fall. The latter is a bleaker twister of a thing that seems to turn in on itself again and again as it proceeds. End result: twisted. There is a layering to the multi-bass psychedelia projected by DAHGA BLOOM that exudes a true sense of living music; of interplay and exchange between the parts coming together to create this hard psych. Images of trash, fad, and genre films of the past accompany these sonic bordering-on-bad trips, and there’s a stash of even more videos of this ilk to be found (if you’re interested) for some of the other tracks from NO CURTAINS. The CAPTCHA version of the record comes out on 4/1.

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