Daephne – Full Circle


After hiking to the city from Concord, I started to spend an ever increasing amount of time in Allston. I kept seeing show flyers and thankfully, the band Daephne crept into my view. Soon after, I decided to check out their bandcamp. Daephne’s self released Full Circle is true to its name. This ep does not have any loose ends. The lyrics of nostalgia, sadness and some angst hit me with a dose of relate-able emotion as they rang through my speakers. Just below the vocals, the spacey and woody sounding guitars pluck away at reverb soaked riffs and chugging power chords that will surely get stuck in your head. To anchor the group, a full yet compact rhythm section holds down a thick groove that cannot be moved.

Although each song grabbed me with a hug of heaviness, track 5 Peach and track 8 Plum truly stuck out. The bands decision to use those titles reinforces the characteristics of this ep. A shiny and pretty skin drew me to the surface. I bit into the meat of the fruit and was rewarded with an almost addictive amount of flavor. I will definitely see this band the next chance I get. I recommend that you also take a bite of the fruit. You will not be disappointed.

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