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If you’ve been a traveler on the basement to the warehouse to the occasional bar to the “other venue” underground sounds trail of Greater Boston over the last few years, you may have heard some sounds coming from around the corner that sounded like some kind of authentic 70s AM pop. Whether you turned the corner to know what it was that you were hearing is your private information. But if you did not venture toward the sickly synths and the spot on harmonies then it was probably some very real CULT & LEPER action that you were missing. Boston’s own, this strange NEC bred quartet play what they themselves call “creamy dreamy prom rock”, and I’ll go along with that, sure. This is fun music projected from a a vortex known only to the 4 gentlemen of CULT & LEPER, esoterically fun, for those of us who enjoy such things. It took a minute for the loaded approach that is taken by these guys to get to me, but I can assure dear reader, as I speak to you now: it has gotten to me.

TWIN KNOBS POWER CITY is being released today, Valentine’s Day 2014, by LEOPARD SHEPHERD RECORDS and BLOOD OATH SLUMBER PARTY and well, it is the prog-pop masterpiece that the Boston underground music community has been desperately waiting for (that’s an early return and unofficial, the polls are not yet closed). Take for example “That’s When My Favorite Color Became Green”, a saccharine boiler of a pop song with vocal and guitar travelling together toward the highest of highs. A nugget of synth saturated, queasily wonderful pop-ness that travels to somewhere in the same county that RYAN POWER toils in (though veering away with guitar in hand, and prog-rock on the mind). Labor of love rock spectacle. Album art by the wonderful Nicholas Rocco.

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