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Brooklyn’s CRYSTAL STILTS have been crafting delectable psychedelic rock for about a decade now, and throughout have maintained a consistent, curated sound that pulls from the canons of rock and post-punk with the utmost care and taste. Last year’s Nature Noir, released by the inimitable Sacred Bones Records, found the band chilling out considerably with more relaxed compositions, channeling everything from CCR to yes, the Chills.

“Delirium Tremendous” finds the ‘Stilts in scratchy-guitar-driven mode, the shuffling percussion giving the verses an immediacy similar to their excellent single “Shake the Shackles”, but instead of maintaining that drive, the song drops into a gorgeous Zombies-esque moment of lackadaisical percussion and wah-wah’d guitar. Singer Brad Hargett’s voice lacks the oceans of reverb from past recordings, and his delivery is a tad more snappy — to great effect. The ‘Stilts have noted that their next release will be more in line with the proto-punk leanings of this gem.

They’re touring around for the summer and supporting GUIDED BY VOICES when they come to town in July, so check em out wherever you are!

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