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NNA Tapes, hailing from Burlington VT, has been gaining some serious momentum lately. This sick synth heavy experimental tape label made the jump to vinyl last year and has just begun to get some long overdue attention. Toby Aronson and Matt Mayer started NNA in 2008 as a small tape operation and have released cassettes from Oneohtrix Point Never, Caboladies, Quicksails, and their own projects Harmonizer and A Snake In The Garden and many many more. The first born of their vinyl babies were three equally acclaimed LPs by Diamond Catalog, Co La and Nate Young (of Wolf Eyes) and we are very excited that they have just recently extended their family with two new hot releases from the toppest of New England music makers.

Behold the existential pop masterpieces of Burlington local Ryan Power. On his new record “I Don’t Want To Die” Power dives head first into some difficult topics, including matter-of-fact commentaries on death, depression, and sexual frustration, yet surrounds them with incredibly catchy hooks, making the record simply impossible to turn off. Buy it HERE.

The other new addition to the NNA roster is a very special split LP between Boston based noise and electronic guru Keith Fullerton Whitman and percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Eli Keszler. If you follow the Hassle then you know we follow these two wherever they go and we are sure glad they went HERE. By combining one side of Keszler’s live acoustic improvisation with another side of Whitman’s percussive electronic soundscapes, both inspired and influenced by one another, the record inadvertently manifests itself as one cohesive electro-acoustic entity. Buy it HERE.

In addition to these two incredible releases, NNA is staying true to their tape-loopy roots and signature circular cover artwork with four new cassettes, featuring the dream-like new age meanderings of Dolphins Into the Future; the violent sound collage of Lettera 22; the minimalist lunar tides of Rale; and yet another eclectic dance explosion by Co La. Everything they do is out of this world – beautiful and unique in it’s own way, so be sure to CRIMP ON THIS RAD LABEL!

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