Nice move from rock & rollers CreaturoS here to release an odds and sods cassette of some of their unreleased goodies from 2010-2014. Titled Popcicle (how Cosby-licious!), this collection of post-Doomstar work from the Boston foursome is much more than a lackadaisical afterthought and nicely showcases the band doing some of their deadliest work on tape yet. As anyone who listens to lots of classic rock can attest to, sometimes these random b-sides flavored collections can be your favorite records. So there you go.

“The Master’s Dope” captures CreaturoS (Spenser Gralla, Noah Bond, Dom Mariano, Joseph Marrett) at the heights of their own T-Rexstacy. Complete with a sham-a-lam-a-ding-dong groove, electric piano breakdown, sassy vocals and an acid rock guitar solo that makes you want to do one of those Woodstock mud-dances, CreaturoS prove themselves to be a band that can play off-script and ride a jam to its illogical conclusion. “Weird Queen” offers sunken treasure mid-measure drum fills, twinkly harmonies and spooky Who chords that reveal the musical talent behind the styled garage mayhem.

Some Nuggetsy jams round out the set, such as the San Fran electric folk-rock fuzz “Sunrise Wedding,” the butt-rockin fun of “Short Shorts” (pun intended), and the jingle jungle/4-beer delay of “Hand in my Pocket.”

Without a doubt, CreaturoS is a band that would have had a big record contract in the ’90s, back when there was a proper *music industry.* Don’t let their semi-chill profile fool you into thinking they won’t destroy you.

Listen here and order from your friends at pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS

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