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And the weirdest release of the year goes to… Cream Juice! [cue canned applause, fireworks, slime waterfalls, and dancing pokemon mascots] With Man Feelings, these guys pulled a total Bad as I Wanna Be-era Denis Rodman on the cassette game. Keith Rankin and Seth Graham founders of Orange Milk records have invented an aesthetic that squeezes chip tune, free jazz, sampled kitsch, and aggro synth fuckery in the blender, and turns it into, well, a creamy juice amalgam. If you’re like me, you’ll want to pick it apart and decipher its puzzling hidden architecture. Apparently, the album is the condensed product of six hours worth of live sessions, which was boiled down, layered, and overdubbed into its final incarnation. The effect of the induces a joyful form of sensory overload characteristic of the age of information, like a hyperactive youtube worm hole. It is a labyrinth of exuberant and inventive sounds, a Gordian Knot of fun; pick it up here.

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