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Crawling Around My Brain #5: Special Interest, New Dad, Sunglow



Post-punk from New Orleans that scrapes away the top layer of the floor of of every room it’s played in (like a goddamn magic eraser). Angry and exhilarating dark punk that if played in a room with a dirt floor will wind up whipping up a dirt storm. SPIRALING is the name of the latest record. And from it “Young, Gifted, Black, In Leather” is a pissed off anthem that a lot more young gifted black people probably need to hear. An anthem that more fucking people in general need to hear. Top to bottom this record is a pissed off and ugly stunner that I can’t stop listening to, so I will not. Featuring members of Mystic Inane, and Patsy.

Also, check this out:
Produced By Quintron
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios (in w goddamn mass of course)
Jesus Christ. That’s some fucking recording pedigree. SPECIAL INTEREST come to Boston, ok?

Yeah this track “Anymore” is addictive as fuck. Dreamy house featuring hook filled falsetto from producer Michael Andor Brodeur aka NEW DAD. Brodeur, ICYMI, was a creative playa in Boston for years, both as a musician and a writer (still writes for the Globe). Dig his other musical projects CERTAINLY SIR and WICKED FARLEYS (a fav in my youth fer sure and they still sound awesome). Anyway, the man is down in Houston these days and is throwing his considerable musical skills behind his new project, yes, NEW DAD.

“Anymore” was the first track I heard and damn if that isn’t a warm embrace. 10 minutes of disco balls glittering and fluffy clouds. I’ve listened to that sensuous awakening of a song at least 30 times. There’s more music up on the NEW DAD bandcamp since I first listened to “Anymore.” I also took a dive into ALIVE AT GAY GARDENS (side b) which is also excellent, and a much more free form and experimental effort than “Anymore.” Please note that while ALIVE AT GAY GARDENS has nothing to do with Gay Gardens the venue, it is a knowing nod to the legendary Allston underground venue of yore…

Daniel Brady Lynch is SUNGLOW. Underground electronics flow from Lynch having released 3 collections previous to this sonic collage known as HOG HEAVEN, via the Furious Hooves label based out of Virginia. The tracks here flow unevenly, and seem un-grounded, and that is what I love about them. Strangeness, electronic strangeness, often so groovy that any want to turn your body away will be rejected by said body, overriding that stupid brain of yours. Born of the south (Savannah, a strange place itself) these fragments of electronic groove and snippets of synth mashers add up to one of the potently strange elixirs that lights my musical fire. This is generally some fun music, which I must say I am into. Sip from-eth.

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