As weird as punk records get. Do you remember the memories? That’s one of the questions posed here by the band HEAVY METAL, the strange punk band from Berlin in question. Seems like this album is full of the band remembering the memories through a filter of sarcasm, probably drugs, Trump-time, and lots of time logged listened to underground records from the last 40-ish years. LP 2 is the name of the record and yes, it is the second record from this lot.

Total freedom done up punk stylee. “Dim Plastigon” offers backwards vocals. There’s some synths here. Multiple vocalists. Punk riffs aplenty. Multilingual unintelligibility. General CRASS vibes are real despite the fact that this band often comes across as a (loving) send up of CRASS. “I’ve Never Used A Lawn Mower” is straight forward enough, especially in the context of this album, and this band.  “Fight Death, Not The Dead” might be my favorite. Total ramshackle punk.

“Blue Suede Shoe” is a ripper. Song 2 on the album. They stuck it in my head. And there it is, still stuck. Vibrations akin to GOOD THROB here. “Dingo Ate Your Baby” is a great song title. The song itself, song 3 on the album, couldn’t be further away from the tune that precedes it. Airy, and jangly, and… odd. A+ for originality punks! Lots more memorable songs and moments too. This is an album out of time and it’s time is now.


From the great LENGUA ARMADA DISCOS comes a s/t 7″ slice of grimy intoxicating punk heaven by TARANTULA. The band features members of CULO (forgive my repeated lack of umlaut-age, I am but a simple man) and this bunch sounds even better than that killer bunch if you ask me. Of course no one did… 6 tracks, every second of it memorable coming in the wake of a handful of previously released tapes. The rhythm section is great, and the guitar playing and vocals are both immediately, distinctly etched upon my brain. “My Only Medication​ (​Is Other Peoples Medication)” wins best song title, but my favorite tune is “I Fell in Love with a Double Agent” where the main vocalist steps aside or at least switches up his approach some. Nah, actually, “My Only Medication​ (​Is Other Peoples Medication)” is my fav, listen to that guitar and bass interplay. Song makes me wanna jump off a ledge, any ledge. Great chorus. Whole 7″ is sweet, and varied in its punk approach. Respect.


Slimed electronics from one of the best in the game. Philly’s UNGUENT comes in with some of that alien world shit, that improv from the center of their planet. Mole person folk music (obviously powered off the grid). I’ve enjoyed nearly every bit of gnarly stray artifact that has been thrown into my pit by UNGUENT, and oh my my there appears to be no sign of stopping now! East Coast audio garmonbozia for all the kids and techno punk extremists. Fine. Very fine.

MINI DRESSES – “Fantasy Nails” from the album MINI DRESSES available soon on JOY VOID RECORDINGS

Lush as ever, MINI DRESSES is about to release their s/t debut long player and everything I’ve heard of it so far is gorgeous, and classy indie pop for the ages that has me dreaming dreams of SWIRLIES, GALAXIE 500, PANTS YELL… MINI DRESSES sound is sparse, dreamy, and all about Lira Mondal’s vortex opening coo. “Fantasy Nails” lays the formula on the line and meets with extreme success. Can’t wait to turn down the lights, pour a glass of something nice, and let the needle meet the record. Much love to MINI DRESSES.


Expletive?! Jillian Hoenig made her broken electronics making moniker pretty hard to google, but that’s ok cuz we know full well who she is and what’s she’s doing. Who she is is that woman on the dance floor who disappeared, and has reappeared behind the pile of electronics at the front of the room. What she’s doing is more difficult to calculate, but we have this new STORER EP (her first me thinks) now on hand to help guide us through all of the questions we have. Dance music oriented (see that kick on “Love is in the Air”) but nary a straight forward groove into which to insert yourself, which in case you were wondering is exactly how I like it. The downtempo nature of “Computer Music” replete with brazen chiptune interjections, squirrel-ly synthesizers (“Workings of Modern Fax Machines”), and maxed out electronic aesthetics (“Storer”) fully showcase the colorful electronic palette that !@#$% is working with and has at her command. And command she does as this EP is bombastic and extremely listenable to back to front, and over and over again. Very strong first record, I need more!!

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