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Hardcore approach with a melodic bent from some folks out in the Northampton area. Hearing traces of riot grrl and just straight up US punk hardcore in their tunes that seem to primarily rail against the many dumb shits who no doubt populate the area where they live. The riffs are good, the rhythm section is on the attack, and the singer very adept at slashing her words across the music. I don’t know if HONEYSUCK has come out to Boston yet, but the record label that put out their latest, and s/t, recording, QUEEN OF SWORDS is based out of Boston. So the answer to that is probably yes. Just pitch perfect melodic hardcore (ooh that’s a scary phrase to write) done fast, smart, and right. “Snake Pit” is the killer here. Under two minutes, great little three note guitar riff, rumbling bass in your face as you listen, psyched. Look forward to seeing them live. A member is shared with the also killing it POTTY MOUTH.

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