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Melbourne co-ed scuzzers CONSTANT MONGREL have put into play a second go around of churning, robust post-punk with the release of HEAVY BREATHING, courtesy of the legendary SILTBREEZE RECORDS. The new record houses a more direct post-punk sound as the band plods through its new batch of dark and damaged pop end of the spectrum clang and fuzz stompers. There is appeal here for VU worshipers, goth rockers, and art punkers alike. This is not unlike other ripping Aussie acts of today (maybe KITCHEN’S FLOOR in some ways), but it holds its own with it’s various guitar squall directions, and synthesizer usage.

“Perks and Thrills” shambles, shards of guitar jutting from it as it moves along. The guitar playing here is really great melting from a jagged snarl into a glimmering, almost pretty tangle of notes. Another great example of how much you can do with a few people and a solid record collection, and handful of instruments that the people can kind of play. Suburban/urban, untalented/almost untalented America are you listening? And that’s no slag on this band. I’m sure they are SUPER TALENTED. Killer record.

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