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CoH – “Meguro 10-6”


So happy to be listening to this new CoH track on this grey, and ugly day in New England. A day like today, in the midst of spring but rawwwww and just too cold enough, is exemplary of New England itself: slow to change, stubborn and on the surface maybe not that welcoming. And this is where CoH comes in with his “Meguro 10-6.” For whatever reason I feel a kinship with much of the music made the Russian ex-pat Ivan Pavlov (read past Hassle write-ups HERE and HERE). There does not seem to be boundaries to CoH’s music. Pavlov plays around with many different sounds and feels in his music, and with this new track from the TO BEAT album soon to be released (May 12th) by EDITIONS MEGO he is back to letting the beat speak. CoH’s last record, 2013’s RETRO-238 overtly shunned beats, opting for building, gurgling drones and pulsing interlocking patterns. “Meguro 10-6” buzzes, and twitches as glitchy, popping synths collide with an array of synthesizer patterns, beats, and melodies all coming together in an amazing cauldron of electronic syncopation that smells exactly like your favorite stew or soup once it’s components have properly melded together in its pot. The synth aesthetic is sugary on this track, but there is an underlying menace to some of the melodies that creates part of the deep deep vibe that Pavlov is so good @ creating. So interesting and fun, I seem to never be disappointed in CoH’s next move, no matter where it takes me as the listener. And EDITIONS MEGO. What a label. Tap in, take a trip through their discography, and line up for the new additions.

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