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As an anxious, dweeby teen-zoid, few bands seemed more empathetic to my cause than The Rakes, the shamelessly nerdy neo-post-punk band who seemed to me the harbingers of a man-made doomsday. But if The Rakes were heralding the ultimate scientific cataclysm, then London (via Portsmouth), UK’s Code BMUs are the direct result of it. With a cacophony of dissonant instruments, high, monotone vocals and forewarning lyrics on each track, it sounds like their Strike Now EP was literally recorded in Hell.

The irony in all of this? Strike Now was released almost 33 years ago (and about 20 years before The Rakes came about) in 1981. This isn’t a modern band paying homage to music history– not that there would anything wrong with that–nor a modern band trying using a tried-and-true musical aesthetic to cope with 21st century problems. Nah, this is real, raw, eighties post-punk, people.

Check out the band’s tumblr for an interesting and kind of adorable story of the band’s genesis and the release of the Strike Now EP, which was originally released only on cassette. Recently rediscovered, Strike Now is now getting its first vinyl pressing ever from ever/never Records NY for a new generation of fans to enjoy. Check it out.

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