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Cobalt — Slow Forever


For the past several years, having the label Profound Lore attached to a record has been a surefire sign that said record will catch my attention. This has become increasingly true as the label has branched out from their black metal roots recently to release records by artists as diverse as electronic noise mainstay Prurient and drone hip-hop pioneers Dalek. But sometimes, you need to remind people of exactly what made you so special in the first place. For Profound Lore, that is releasing epic, unrelenting, and furious metal albums like Cobalt’s Slow Forever.

Cobalt have been a regular presence on Profound Lore’s roster since 2007, but this new record sees them taking some big progressive leaps in comparison to their earlier work. The band is now the duo of multi-instrumentalist Erik Wunder and brand new vocalist Charlie Fell, formerly of Lord Mantis. Fell’s vocals are a standout feature of the record, spewing bile and rage and unchecked aggression all over Wunder’s arrangements over the course of this mammoth 84 minute 2xLP release. Sitting through it all in one take is an emotionally taxing undertaking, so I can only imagine what recording it was like.

As the title suggests, there are plenty of slow and doomy sections to this double album, some slow bluesy intros and quiet acoustic moments. There’s some more progressive, Tool-influenced moments and hints of grunge. The quiet guitar and Hemingway speech which make up the entirety of “Iconoclast” make for a nice break in the tension. But this is still a mean as fuck band at their core, with a plethora of savage upper-mid-tempo riffing at their disposal to balance it out. Slow Forever is a titanic powerhouse of American heavy metal. Check it out!

Slow Forever is available now from Profound Lore.

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