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One of the more wondrous bands to be found in this sometimes sad and flailing time of ours is CLOUD BECOMES YOUR HAND. A somewhere in NYC band boasting New England natives amongst their ranks, there New York location must have a great view or something because this band’s sounds is inspired and inspiring. Psychedelic, and hypnotic, perplexing and definitely far out these guys have conjured all of those adjectives and more during the number of times that I have been lucky to see them over the years.

Modern composition meeting knack for pop in a Brian Wilson, Elephant Six-er, or maybe even early-Beck sort of way. In fact Athens, GA past and present-ish (BUBBLY MOMMY GUN, BIRD NAMES, QUIET HOOVES) is the kind of place where this kind of whimsical, dedicated strangeness in pop form is found in the soil. But NYC? These gentlemen are making miracles happen conjuring this kind of off-kilter psych pop from those streets.

“Sand of Sea” comes from the band’s soon to be released NORTHERN SPY/ FEEDING TUBE RECORDS release ROCKS OR CAKES. And when two labels with unbelievable track records like these two (seriously, FTR & NSR I love you both, don’t make me choose one over the other, it would tear my little heart to shreds) get together you know that they the music that they are working with must be incredible. And it is. “Sand of Sea” is a dreamy, gentle guitar strum rolling along the wave of life. Synthesizers and a beautiful fuzz bass push ahead ever so gently while vocals filled with a pop positivity and wonder, loft above. If not for the lengthy, meandering, and beautiful interludes, this might even just be mistaken for a more straight ahead, but still great psych-pop song. I really cannot wait for this record. CBYH plays a Boston Hassle show on 2/28 @ Tasty Burger in Harvard Square. Really one of the best bands going these days.

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