CHROME OVER BRASS “BEAR ATTACK” from Ali White on Vimeo.

The latest flash of brilliant insanity from Medford mad-man, Alex Garcia Rivera (ex- Bloodhorse, Get High, American Nightmare). Recorded at his home studio (all analog 2″ tape, my buds – bargain rates!!!) Mystic Valley Recording Studio, Chrome over Brass has been a pet project of his for a while now, and it’s pure Al. While it is well-known that he’s one of the most monstrous hardcore/rock/heavy drummers in the world, he apparently has a mind for twisted, mathy guitar as well. “Bear Attack” is an a-rythmic explosion of propulsive, kinetic glory, and the video is fucking hysterical, and even more hysterical if you know the man. To sum it up, Al is a bee, being swatted at and chased by a bear, until he feasts from a magical stamen and becomes big enough to actually do battle with the bear. Al-Core is a modest renaissance man of the old-school, and I’m not really even exaggerating when I say that he can build drums for you, tune them, win a drum off against Alex Van Halen, replace your transmission, convert your car to veggie oil, cut your hair, record a cover of “In the Air tonight”, film a whacked out video for it, and fine tune your vintage tape machine all in the same day. Probably before lunch. Which I’m sure he could make if there was no food in the fridge somehow. Video  for “Bear Attack” by former Boston videomaker ALI WHITE.

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