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Prolific fringe pop mastermind CHRIS WEISMAN is probably up in Vermont at this very moment recording new, odd and beautiful pop songs which we will eventually discover once they worm their way into the public ear. And his latest (maybe? I have fresh tapes of his in hand that I need to write up as well…) recorded output is a preposterous 3 hour, 11 part, 88 song online only (available as a download from the ever exploratory pop label OSR Tapes also out of Vermont) EPIC called MAYA PROPERTIES. Weisman has made a lot of music I love over the years. When I focus my attention on his music I know that I am probably going to get clever lyrics, a vast variety of classic song structures, ever so tweaked, and a world of chords that I am unfamiliar with, and have certainly rarely heard before utilized within the folk pop song structure that this special New England artist prefers. Now maybe you are a guitar master and this means nothing to you because, oh, well, that’s just a <insert peculiar chord name here> chord. But I happen to really enjoy the seemingly endless variety of small and strange songs that CHRIS WEISMAN is able to coax from a guitar, a voice, and a handful of chords. Moving along into Part 2 (at least as ordered on Youtube) MAYA PROPERTIES makes a turn into melodic instrumental synth territory, another place I have heard Weisman explore previously. In fact last time I saw him (maybe last time he was in Boston?), at one of the last couple WEIRDSTOCKS, he performed as part of melodic synth adventure duo musically related to the travels heard in PART 2. And this is where I leave off folks. I hope to listen to this whole thing very soon. But there are more records to talk about. Chris, come to Boston again soon. We’ll hook you up.

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