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Chicken Chain — Birth of the Googus


Total scum-punk/metal. Reminds me of the pit at punk shows in the ’90s (before a TOXIC NARCOTIC show took out my knee). Pacing during the breakdowns, riffs exploding, my body/bodies exploding just the same. It was rarely as sloppy scumbag as this, though. (Having said that, this band kind of sounds like a cross between TN and AUGUST SPIES, for the Boston punks among us.) If you want garbage-fi heavy-riffage hardcore, fist-pumping saliva-spewing muppet-vocal style, then this is your ticket to a heaven where everyone wears leather jackets and no one washes their hair.

Drew Owen, who is also SICK THOUGHTS (who I’m sure you know and who we have talked about with regularity here at the Hassle), is CHICKEN CHAIN. Prolific dude. Come up and play some Boston shows, man. As usual I like my hardcore, or whatever this is, sludgy. “What Did I Do” is my favorite here. Chicken talking. Explodes out the gate. Gets real heavy. Weird interlude. Heavy again. Get a piece of chicken. Grab some mayonnaise, put it on the poultry, and explode right out the door. Nobody is doing gutter-slime punk better than this guy right now. The gutters of Baltimore. CHICKEN CHAIN’s debut record, BIRTH OF THE GOOGUS, is out now on SNOT RELEASES.

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